Thank You To Our Readers!

Last week, Christmas came early for us at — we were contacted by the awesome folks over at 216Digital to let us know that our blog made their list of “Top 41 Cleveland Blogs.”

WOW! We were floored but more than anything, we were tremendously honored.

First and foremost, we created this blog to connect women in our community and allow people to engage in purposeful conversations online.  Our hope is that those conversations and online dialogue will turn into much more.

A blog post about a female entrepreneur could drive a ton of traffic to their store and increase sales.

A mom could find some much needed support or advice. 

A powerful story could motivate someone to change destructive behavior within the walls of their organization.

The list could go on and on. We have so many hopes and dreams for moving forward, but what has been so amazing is the amount of content that is now being regularly submitted. Each week, more and more women are submitting blogs for review – and taking that step forward in telling their stories and/or sharing opinions.

And it’s amazing to see.

That doesn’t mean that we can post every blog that is submitted, but we are committed to working with anyone who has the courage to submit a blog and who wants to join our conversations.

So thank you — thank you for your readership, your participation and your contributions. YOU are the reason our blog made this fantastic list and we are so very proud!

Happy Holidays to all – and keep reading!


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Amy Martin

Amy Martin is an avid conversationalist and insomniac (averages about four hours a night) who craves engagement online and off. She's often blogging or speaking about ways to develop your personal brand to companies and leaders in Cleveland. When she isn't focused on her day job, she is running her own consulting agency, Hyperthink! She is passionate about mentoring other women and hugging her kids (who are too old to appreciate the affection) and she resides in Westlake with her husband, who still cannot fully explain what she does for a living. Amy is usually smiling and has an awkward obsession with "Murder, She Wrote" and incredibly unrealistic mystery shows.

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