She Speaks

Read all our past anonymous posts from our She Speaks archives. The mission of She Speaks is to give a voice to the women who want to start conversations, but who are concerned with sharing their identity, for one reason or another. The posts don’t reveal personal details that can identify particular people nor do they promote bullying or bashing others. This series is designed to give women who can’t share their names an equal voice in the important conversations we are having at She In The CLE.

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a rose and lights for an affair

A Complicated Affair

Editorial note: This post contains adult themes and language.  Ahhhh!!! Another night sitting on my couch pondering about what I’m actually getting into…I don’t love him...

three women looking at the water, women competing against other women

I’m Part of the Problem 

I’m a feminist. I support and encourage women. I love seeing women succeed, climb the ladder and pursue their dreams. I feel connected to other women. They are all in my tribe. And...

woman wearing heart sweater, she speaks, not wanting kids

I Love Me Too Much

“So, when are you going to have kids?” Not wanting kids yet, it’s a question I get a lot, as anyone who’s been married, but is currently childless probably does. It shouldn’t...

group of women in workout gear, being the only black person in the room

Being the Only Me in the Room

On goes the high-end leggings, you know the really expensive ones that supposedly makes you look fabulous while you workout, or at least that’s what I told myself when I spent over $100...

she speaks, purple and blue outhouses, Unsplash, Julien Delaunay, women with irritable bowel syndrome

The Lies Women Tell

Women with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It’s taboo to talk about, especially if you’re a woman. Men don’t want to think of their beautiful girlfriends or wives going number two – or...

woman sitting on table, she speaks, Am I a bad feminist?

Am I a Bad Feminist?

I am a die-hard feminist. A “grew up with the Spice Girls – GIRL POWER,” fight for equal pay, women control their own bodies, pink-hat wearing feminist. But I have a...