Dealing with a Queen Bee

women in a work meeting, dealing with a queen bee at work

As you may have read in the She Speaks from a few weeks ago, many women are dealing with a Queen Bee at work and in their professional career.

During my Queen Bee experience, I realized I needed external engagement to help me stay sane during that difficult time. I was fortunate that I had a tribe of women who supported me, and gave great advice on how to manage the current obstacles being thrown my way.

For those of you reading who may dealing with a Queen Bee yourself, or looking to give you fellow girl crew advice on what to do, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Document, document, document

Make sure you write down all interactions with your Queen Bee. If you have a meeting, take detailed notes with what’s discussed and the expectations and follow up with an email after the meeting with notes from everything discussed and expectations going forward.

This is all to CYA down the road in case the Queen Bee tries to say you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Have external confidant

When working with a Queen Bee, there will be days that may drain you mentally and physically. It’s important to have a have a tribe of great women externally that you can vent to (with no judgement of course), and get advice from when you need to keep your cool.

For me, going to my car to have a private call with a friend from my tribe for 5-10 minutes helped me keep my cool in the office.

Start quietly looking for new opportunities

If you think things aren’t going to get better, start keeping your eyes and ears open for new opportunities. Keep the details of why you’re looking on a need-to-know basis, but use your network to help you find a better job fit. Most importantly, don’t rush the process, make sure you find a company and boss that will be supportive.

When interviewing, make sure you thoroughly vet the team, management, and learn about corporate culture and diversity.

Work diligently and rise above

Don’t let your Queen Bee keep you from doing your best work. And above all else; don’t stoop to the Queen Bee level. Keep supporting women because it’s the right thing to do.

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