Five Ways to Relieve Stress

Do you ever feel like you don’t sit down or have time to relax? I do, and too often. Many women can relate.

“Experts say it’s no surprise that women forget – or even disregard – the need to take care of themselves,” according to

My demanding days encouraged me to really think about what I need to do to regularly incorporate stress relievers in my life and refocus. Here’s a list of the top five ways I try to keep a good balance:

Date night. There’s nothing I love more than a night out with my husband. We often go out together with friends so it’s rare for just he and I to have a real date. When it’s just the two of us, we try to make it special. We love spending time in downtown Cleveland dining at good restaurants and staying the night at our favorite spot – the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel. If you can manage it, a night away proves to be a true break from the kids! No wacky bedtime routine and a lot more wine than whine. 😊

Exercise. I workout to stay in shape, but more importantly to relieve tension. Three kids, a part-time job and co-managing a household gets me frazzled from time to time. My weekly exercise routine really helps me stay focused. I love mixing in weight training and running.

Family. I come from a large family. I’m the oldest of four children, and my Dad is one of 12. And, I inherited a special extended family when I married my husband. Someone is always there to lend an ear or help me out at the drop of a hat. My parents, siblings and I have an ongoing group text that would drive most people crazy –  we collectively send 10 to 50 texts a day. Thank goodness for unlimited data! We constantly share funny stories or poke fun at each other.

Girlfriends. I can always count on my good girlfriends to help clear my head and recharge. There’s nothing like real, honest conversation. We laugh, cry and bitch about whatever is on our minds. I’m so very thankful to have true friends who I can count on for anything. Find your tribe and love them hard.

Me time. Even if it’s a just a short drive in the car to run an errand or a stop at my favorite nail salon, I need alone time. I find a quick break re-energizes me and gives me a chance to decompress.

What makes you feel relaxed and helps ease the stress in your life?

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Kim Wysocki

Kim is a public relations professional. Her three-ring circus (aka, her children), husband and yellow lab keep her busy when she’s not generating publicity. She’s an avid watcher of the Today Show, loves staying fit and can’t pass up a good clothing and accessory deal. In her free time, she’s volunteering at St. Gabriel School or planning her next family vacation. Kim lives in Concord.

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