Chill Out: Tips for the Stressed Out Woman

I don’t know about you, but I am stressed the F out. I’m kicking but at my day job, then kicking butt with my side hustle and business According to Brittney all while still trying to maintain a social life, network and connect with other business friends, and nurture a long-term relationship with my cat – oh, and boyfriend.

So, where does that leave time for me? Well, it really doesn’t. I can’t tell you the last time I did something that was for the sole benefit of myself.

I think a lot of us are going through this “no time for our self” phase in our life where we’re constantly grinding, always on the move and feel very overwhelmed and cranky (yes, I am talking about you, Ms. Sass!) Well, we have got to put a stop to this! Here are some of my favorite ways to spend more time on yourself and free of stress. There is something for everyone!

Get a Spa Treatment

For my 23rd birthday I experienced the joy of getting a wonderful spa day. Honestly, it was my favorite part of the whole birthday weekend. A relaxing message to help get the tension out will have your stress melting away. Also, can’t forget the mani/pedi to make you feel and look pretty! I don’t usually spend money on nails, but if you need to relax it’s worth the investment!

Head over to Groupon to find some deals in your area for spa treatments. In the Cleveland area, Revelations Salon and Spa in Lakewood had me feeling like a birthday Queen!

Go on a Shopping Spree

Now, I am not a big shopper, because I like to keep my money safe (spending money can make me stressed!) But girl, you have been working hard, making money and taking names. So, you deserve a nice outfit or some new shoes! If that will get the stress off, then party on. Treating yourself is the ultimate relaxation method.

Netflix and Chill

There is nothing more relaxing than drowning in the latest Netflix drama or laughing ’til you cry at a romantic comedy. Forget about your stress while watching Olivia Pope run the freaking country, am I right?

My show recommendations are Jane the Virgin, iZombie, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Shameless, and Younger!

Read a Book

If you’re trying to get away from the screen (which we all really should do), then a book may be your calling. Reading can provide the same benefits as watching TV because you get an escape from reality. Hop on the couch and crack open a good one.

Be Alone

Honestly, I love my friends, family, and boyfriend but all three can make you stressed. Spending time alone is a great way to unwind and reflect on yourself. You may not have to partake in any kind of activity. You might just need to not hear anyone talk for a while. And, that’s okay.

Thanks to my part time job, I get a lot of alone time. Can’t fit it in your schedule? Try just getting a room of your house to yourself or just spending time doing your favorite activity by yourself.

Play Video Games

Sims. The Sims. More Sims. And Sims. This seriously is not a joke. If you want to unwind, have fun, and literally forget about all of your problems, play the Sims. I have forgotten to eat before because I was so into my Sims (which is weird because I’m always keeping my Sims fed).

Other games will do, too. Like phone games or console games. But, let’s not kid ourselves. The Sims really is the best.

Take a Stressed Nap

Let’s not underestimate the power of a nap. Heck, I can’t think of any time in my life where I thought not napping was a good idea. Just don’t do anything. Put on your favorite and comfiest pajamas, put your phone on Do Not Disturb, crawl into that bed and give yourself the gift of sleep. You will forget being stressed was ever a concern (like, literally).

Eat Something You Love

We all want to be our healthiest and you might be someone who watches what they eat. If you think a piece of cake or cheese fries won’t make you relax even for a second though, you are dead wrong! They don’t call it comfort food for nothing.

Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel ashamed. Eat a cookie and your life will be a little bit better.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

Sometimes, a few days away is just what the doctor ordered. This may be the ultimate treat yourself, but who says you don’t deserve it? Once again, I’m letting you know about good old Groupon so you can save money while you de-stress.

Hop in the car, blast your favorite tunes, stay in a place where they clean the room for you and have a hot tub and pretend like whatever stress you left behind, stay’s there.

Leave the Phone for a Day

Okay, I know this is somewhat unrealistic because we need our phones. But, they can cause a lot of stress. Especially work stress (emails) or social stress (text messages and social media). So, if you’re getting stressed from that handy device, try detoxing even if it’s just a day or a few hours.

Recently, I did a social media challenge where I did not check social media for 48 hours. As an entrepreneur, I’m always checking to see what’s going on that day (I have Facebook up right now). But, letting it go really made me think about how I didn’t really need it and could enjoy life more without being on it so much.

I will be putting a few of these tips to use this weekend so I can de-stress because this boss babe is definitely a little overworked. When you’re feeling stressed, how do you unwind? Comment below!

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Brittney Moffatt is a social media and marketing specialist from Cleveland, Ohio. I'm one part pink, sparkles, and girly things. One part nerd who loves writing and play the Sims. And one part black lipstick, rock concerts, and vans. But, all parts fun, ambitious, and dedicated to helping young women!

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