Stephanie Prause

Stephanie Prause

Stephanie Prause is a corporate communications professional, juggling a career she thrives at with being a mom and wife. She also serves as the Marketing Committee Chair on the Board of Directors for the Hanna Perkins Center for Childhood Development. Stephanie is passionate about approachable healthy living and staying active (as in, she’ll lose her mind otherwise). Other interests include sampling craft beers, cooking from scratch and reading voraciously (at least for about 20 minutes before she passes out mid-sentence).


Lessons for my Son From the Judge Kavanaugh Confirmation

In case you missed it (yeah right), Congress confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court despite multiple allegations of sexual assault. While many people were rightly upset about what message this sends to our daughters (and I honestly have no clue how I will ever explain this to her), others were worried about the impact […]Read More »

When You are Pregnant With a Boy...

Being pregnant in general invites a host of unwelcome comments (no, it’s not twins), tidbits of conflicting advice (sleep train! co-sleep!) and requests to “have the baby already – but not right here!” (yes, because I wanted to give birth in the middle of Target). Being pregnant with a boy? I’ve learned over the past 55 […]Read More »

Pregnancy Self-Care Tips

Pregnancy can be a wonderful, magical experience. It can also be hellish. Sometimes, it’s both – at the same time. Like when I’m on hour 24 of heartburn, but then the baby starts dancing in my belly, aww. On top of how you are feeling, there are all the outside opinions of what you should […]Read More »

The Hustle Comparison Trap

Social media envy is real. We see people’s photos and content and logically, we know it’s the edited and filtered version of their lives. And yet – we fall easily into feeling their lives are as perfect as their social feeds. The comparison trap rears its ugly head when it comes to weight, travel, motherhood […]Read More »

5 Tips for "Managing Up"

Regardless of your company, position or level, I’m here to argue your most important job is managing up. What’s that? It’s managing your boss and her equals, her boss and equals and all the senior leaders all the way up the chain. Yes, they are supposed to provide you with a certain level of direction […]Read More »

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