Rachel Stallard

Rachel StallardRachel Stallard

After 15 years in the professional world, having three extremely active small children and married to a business owner, I quit cold turkey. Almost three years later I’m still trying to figure out this stay-at-home mom gig. Leveraging my masters in creative writing, I’m a freelance copywriter for digital and B2B consulting companies, which sometimes means typing into the wee hours of night. But writing and connecting with other bloggers on SheintheCLE keeps me connected and refuels my marketing tank. When I’m not moonlighting or running the kids to karate, I keep our sheep watered and come up with new ways to make our 35 acres a legacy for our children.


Dear Sparkly, Almost-Married 20-Something

352! Someone shouted from our table. We’d been counting the number of bachelorettes since our first afternoon in Nashville. As the twelve of us sat sipping big girl wine and whiskey at The Southern, three more matching groups of bridesmaids twinkled down the sidewalk. It was our last night together. I was surrounded by women […]Read More »

As You Leave Me For Kindergarten

Maybe it’s because you draw me rainbows when I’m sad. Or use your entire body to stir the banana bread batter. It’s probably because you put veggies in the shopping cart and ask for hugs and brush my hair. You’re also the only kid that lets me play my own music in the car. And […]Read More »

Dear Third Baby, You Gave Me Life

He made me put three different superhero outfits on the stuffed dog before deciding on ‘Spider Pup.’ Plus, a carrier, one bowl of dog food, a six piece vet kit ‘so I can give him check up,’ and the $2 cookie at the register. Stuff I NEVER would have allowed my first two children to […]Read More »

8 Easy Ways to Create a Picture-Perfect Summer Glow

It’s summertime!!! Grab your cover-up, Target fedora and some limes for all those delicious adult beverages. But before you squeeze your fruit and yourself into that dusty tankini don’t forget about the sunscreen. Not just for your limbs, but your hair and every other part of your body that is dying to soak up some […]Read More »

The Art of Unscheduling Your Kids

I recently tried to plan a birthday party for my oldest. Just an easy Saturday afternoon with pizza, ice cream cake, and a trip to see the new Avengers movie. He wanted to invite four friends. So I did what any parent of a modern day, almost-seven-year-old boy would do: I surveyed all of their […]Read More »

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