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Lindsey GeissLindsey Geiss

Lindsey Geiss is a public relations and crisis communications planning professional turned stay-at-home mom and writer. When she’s not handling local early childhood PTA publicity, she’s getting crafty with the kids, researching allergy-friendly toddler food, or planning the next family outing. Lindsey is a fashion lover, shoe collector, jump rope enthusiast and recovering perfectionist. She lives on the West side of Cleveland with her husband and two young children.


Mastering a Treehouse Getaway

It seemed like kismet when the coveted Little Red Treehouse had a vacancy on our September anniversary. Sure, it was a Sunday when wineries and many restaurants along our route would be closed, but if a star like Matthew McConaughey talks up The Mohicans you jump at the chance to stay there. It would be a one-of-a-kind […]Read More »

See the Full Picture: A Closer Look at Autism and Resources in Cleveland

“What you see is often just a piece of the full picture. Perception can be misleading and the truth is a spectrum of experience – inner, outer, spoken and unsaid. This isn’t just true for people with autism. It’s true for everyone, everywhere. We’ve all felt the sting of being misjudged by how we appear, […]Read More »

Four #GirlMom Ideas for Women’s History Month in Cleveland

As we celebrate Women’s History Month in Cleveland and honor the accomplishments of women this month, I find myself reflecting on my own, the greatest of which for me is motherhood. As a #girlmom, I feel an extra responsibility during Women’s History Month, especially now that my daughter is five. She’s inquisitive, opinionated and impressionable. […]Read More »

Ten Ways to Tire Out the Littles Without Leaving the House

Baby it’s (still) cold outside. When playing outdoors isn’t an option — or you just don’t want to visit the trampoline park again because [insert any number of reasons] — what’s a mom to do with restless kiddos? With two preschoolers of my own, I have some ideas. Here are ten ways to entertain kids and make […]Read More »

Five Reasons I’m Not Laughing at Peter Rabbit and Why You Should Care

Peter Rabbit the movie hit theaters earlier this month. Based on the classic story by acclaimed author Beatrix Potter, the movie is marketed as a family comedy about the adventures of a mischievous rabbit and Mr. McGregor’s attempts to keep the little rascal out of his garden. Before you hop to the theater this Easter […]Read More »

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Lindsey is a public relations and crisis communications professional turned stay-at-home mom of two and writer. An avid shopper, she loves finding and wrapping that ideal gift, planning themed kids’ birthday parties, and slowly turning into the woman who lived in her shoe (closet). She blogs about motherhood, food allergy mom life and other lifestyle topics.