Brittney Moffatt

Brittney MoffattBrittney Moffatt

By day, Brittney is a Cleveland based marketing professional who helps business build a thriving social media presence. By night, she guides Millennial women through post grad life and adulting by blogging about topics such as money management and career goals.


The Importance of Getting Out from Behind Your Computer Screen

I’m a social media strategist and manager who runs an online business and blogs, so I spend a lot of time online. Working, learning and connecting with people all over the world with just a click of a mouse. Although, I love being online because it allows me to reach more people, allows me to […]Read More »

Taking Control of My Anxiety

I’ve suffered from anxiety for about three years now. For me, I get this relentless queasy feeling in my stomach. My heart and mind are racing at a million miles a minute. Sometimes, I feel like I have no control of my thoughts! Scary stuff, but I’m trying new things to take control of it […]Read More »

Writing a Cover Letter that Impresses

It’s time for you to write the dreaded cover letter. The place where you have to dust off the old writing skills, brag about all your business accomplishments and hope it doesn’t sound weird. It’s one of the few places you get to impress a potential employer and get the job you’ve been longing for! […]Read More »

Black Panther Made Me Realize How Uncomfortable I Am With My Own Blackness

If you were online at any point in February this year, you probably heard about the premiere of Marvel’s Black Panther movie. It’s a live action film based on the comic book with the same name about a superhero from the fictional African country, Wakanda. Black Panther was truly unique. The movie had a black […]Read More »

The Pressure That Comes with Being a Woman

When I graduated college in 2015, my biggest goal was to find an amazing career and make a ton of money doing something I loved. My mind was constantly thinking of ways to further my career and start my own business. As I got more comfortable with my career, my goals changed a bit to […]Read More »

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Brittney writes about career, money management, adulting, relationships, and beauty. Topics that Millennial women are concerned about!