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mom and daughter, mom self-care

Mom Self-Care

When my oldest daughter was born, it was love at first sight. I poured my heart into loving and caring for a newborn. Several months into the new mom gig, I started to feel like I was...

pregnant woman, pregnancy self-care tips

Pregnancy Self-Care Tips

Pregnancy can be a wonderful, magical experience. It can also be hellish. Sometimes, it’s both – at the same time. Like when I’m on hour 24 of heartburn, but then the baby starts...

Rachel Stallard and friends, find your mom tribe

Find Your Mom Tribe

It was decided over draft IPAs at Fat Little Buddies: No cell phones for the littles until they are at least 12. Before I continue, this is not an article on cell phone safety. This is a...

Creating Socially Aware Teens

Were it not for today’s teens, I feel I would have no purpose. Sure, I’m a wife, a daughter and sister but for the majority of my day I am surrounded by teenagers who I think actually...

Family photo before dealing with death and grief

The Year

In March 2017, my best friend Heidi died from cancer. In May 2017, my paternal grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s. In November 2017, my Uncle Greg committed suicide. In January...

Let Them Struggle

Last month, my little guy started ice skating lessons. Something ordinary that turned out to be extraordinary. He has been asking to go ice skating for awhile, and because my husband and I...